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personal storage

Our specialists in personal storage can provide you with a secure, worry-free personal storage for all your household furniture and effects. more

business storage

Our business storage specialists can offer easy, cost effective business storage solutions for your company. more

household removals

Our specialists in household removals can offer well planned household removals for the safe removal of your household furnitures. more

packing services

Our packing specialists provide excellent packing services for your glass, china and fragile items using highest quality packing materials. more

overseas moves

Transpakship offer a competitive removal service to popular worldwide destinations such as Europe, West Indies, U.S.A., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. more

local moves

Looking for a stress-free move? Fastmoveme provide a competitive and quick removal service to anywhere in the UK. more
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Commercial / Household Removals and Storage Services, Sutton, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, UK

Storage City is a part of the Transpakship Group of Companies. A family owned business established in 1968. Over the past five years we have been developing our storage facilities and purchased an additional 4 acres for extending our range of commercial / household removals and storage services including commercial palletised vehicle and now document storage.

Our commercial / household removals and storages offer excellent rates for:-

  • Mansfield
  • Sutton
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Derbyshire

Woman packing boxesAll profits are currently being reinvested into this facility in order to constantly improve the services offered to our clients. We seek to offer a bespoke service to businesses throughout the East Midlands that can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Storage City has a policy to reduce packaging waste and to facilitate an increase in the reuse and recycling of packaging materials. All our storage boxes are constructed of a single material that can be readily recycled. When destroying boxes of archive material we have to act on clients' specific instructions however, whenever possible, we will use the most environmentally friendly method available at that time. We have separate refuse collections for materials that can be recycled.

We are easy to find but access is only available during normal working hours on warehouses storage!

Please call us now on 0500 823760 to arrange access times suitable for you.
All prices quoted are subject to VAT @ 17.5%
Storage City - Commercial / Household Removals and Storage Services, Sutton, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, UK

Mission Statement To provide a service of excellence. Guaranteeing each customer security with value for money and full satisfaction. To be able to pride ourselves in holding a reputation for putting each customer first in every part of our operation(s).


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