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You have arrived at Storage City

Imagine a home or office where clutter, spare stock or redundant items are invisible. Now imagine that these surplus items can be accessed but kept within premises solely dedicated for that purpose.

At Storage City, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution that provides this dream scenario, whether you are a business with over-stock that you simply do not have the necessary space for, are a homeowner relocating or downsizing to a smaller property, or moving abroad, our varied and flexible storage solutions of size, space and duration can accommodate, tailored to each individual circumstance.

Our metropolis of storage solutions is easily accessible 24 hours a day 6 days a week to maximise the ease and simplicity of accessibility to allow you to make the most of the space that is being rented for your items. We also ensure that your property is kept completely safe the entire time that you have them in storage with us, with 24 hour CCTV and gated control access.

Domestic service

Moving home?Re-locating overseas?Have a short interval between properties?Student looking for storage over summer?Clearing out?

The majority of our domestic storage customers usually enlist our services when they have answered ´Yes´ to one or more of the above questions.

Moving house ­in­between properties

Moving home can a stressful period of turbulence and movement and if you are in between properties the upheaval it can cause not only to you but to your possessions particularly when there is nowhere for them to go can leave you feeling a little stranded.

Our storage solutions incorporate all that is necessary for various sizes of property allowing you to store your furniture, clothing, furnishings and possessions safely and securely for whatever time period that you may require. Should you need something during the time that they are stored then our set-up makes it just as simple for you to pick up or add new items to our units.


If you are a contractor that work abroad for prolonged periods of time, renting your home, may not be a cost efficient or secure method of storing your items, leaving them open to burglary or theft. Our service can be tailored to the contractual period that you are likely to be abroad, allowing your possessions to be locked up and stored away, readily available in the same condition as soon as you return.

There is no need to go through the lengthy process of selling your existing possessions only to have to buy new ones on your return.


Students moving away from home are likely to have more items in their ownership than room in their student accommodation. If you are a student moving away from home and need to store possessions that are likely to be unused or too large to furnish your accommodation then storage could provide a good option.

Similarly if you are a student who has vacated their student accommodation over the summer months only to be moving into new accommodation under a new academic tenancy on your return at the start of the academic year then it is unlikely that your landlord will allow you to store your furniture or property.

Renting a storage unit from storage city over this duration provides a cheap and safe method of combating this problem. Just ask our staff about our various unit sizes and contract terms.

Clearing out

Whether you are downsizing or clearing out a property that is due to go on the market or has been sold, storing your tangible assets with us can provide a temporary home for them while you decide whether they are to be sold or relocated.

Additional services

As part of our domestic packages, where available we can provide the right types of packaging materials, collection services and packing services. To find out more, enquire with us.


Relocating your business?Excess stock?Need to store bulky machinery or equipment?Need a trading base?

Our various storage units at Storage City can accommodate any of the above situations.

All of our business services are offered on a case by case basis ensuring that you get a service that doesn´t disturb the day-to-day running of your trade and is cost efficient.

We find our business storage solutions are particularly affective for start up businesses and SME´s which is why we do offer a comprehensive set up service option for those small and medium company´s just starting out which can include considerations to additional stock, equipment or materials that a smaller base just starting out would not be able to accommodate.

Serviced offices

This franchised service forms part of a more comprehensive solution incorporating both space for machinery, storage of stock and a heated, lighted and serviced office base which can be rented out flexibly for various time periods from the same accessible location, so that everything related to your trade can be found in one place with full support.

We regularly promote offers for our business services, and ask that if you are interested in our more long term or seasonal options to click here to request details.

Welcome to Storage City

Whether you are a domestic or business customer, you can choose between various unit sizes which are all clean, dry and located within a contemporary custom-built building constructed solely for the purposes of storage. From one week to one year, we can cater a short or longer term contractual period to suit the necessary duration required for your circumstances.

We are easily accessible from the Motorway for clients in Mansfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Ashfield, Alfreton, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire from junction 28 or the A38. To find out more about the services that we can provide, please contact us or navigate our website for further information. Should you spot a storage service that we don´t provide, we will be happy to discuss your requirements to see how we may adapt.

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