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How clutter is costing your home money

Did you know that every square foot of floor space in your home is estimated to be worth an average of £230? When you pair that with findings from a recent survey of estate agents that found that the removal of bulky items from these spaces can boost the value of that square foot by up to 11%, then now may be the time to consider self-storage, particularly if you want to sell your home fast.

The survey results, published last month also suggest that untidy spaces are the ones that appear as though they have limited space and as a result can reduce the likelihood of a house being sold quickly.

It was shown that two thirds of house sellers who de-cluttered their property prior to viewings received much higher offers for their home than expected.

If you are looking to boost the value of your home to potential buyers then clearing your home of those items which are likely to be considered unnecessary clutter could be helpful. One method of doing this is personal self-storage units.

Particularly useful if you are looking to upgrade your existing property in hopes of more space in your future home, this service offers safe and secure storage for all sizes, shapes and types of items from electronics and ornaments right through to bulky pieces of furniture which can make your home feel smaller, and all without having to sell or part with a thing.

Personal items accumulated over the years can also be off-putting particularly if they are not of generic taste. While you may consider your home to be your own, while it is on the market you are looking for methods of making it appeal to other buyers.

Our self-storage service at Storage City offers all customers the opportunity to store from as little as one week right up to a period that suits you, meaning that once you move into your new home, you will be able to move your items, possessions and objects with you and furnish your new property in the style you want.

Safe, secure and accessible 6 days a week, our storage solutions also offer customers the opportunity to access, pick up or take items as they see fit.

Our range of spaces offer versatility, competitive pricing and easy access, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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