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The Top 10 uses for Self-Storage

Over the past decade with the rise in revolutionary technologies, yesterday’s forgotten fad and home-run online businesses self-storage has grown in popularity across the UK with more and more domestic and commercial clients taking advantage of the benefits that self-storage facilities have to offer with the deal of storing almost anything for as long as you want with flexible payment options.

Here Storage City explores some of the uses that self-storage has to offer:

#1 Downsizing If moving into smaller premises or a smaller home, then while you decide where you are going to place your personal belongings that won’t fit, self-storage acts as a temporary option, perfect if you plan on selling some of the items.

#2 House move Whether during the time you have the house on the market to make your home look more appealing to potential buyers or while you embark on a move, self storage provides an option with access whenever you require it.

#3 Hobby & Sports kit Sometimes our homes don’t provide the room for the equipment we need to undertake the hobbies we enjoy most, from drum kits and classic cars through to an entire sports clubs equipment, we provide a range of storage units in varied sizes.

#4 De-clutter Freeing up space and de-cluttering your home, garage or loft can create a positive impact on your mood and home life.

#5 Excess commercial stock If you have purchased large units of stock at a good price but have nowhere to store additional stock, storage units offer an affordable option allowing to you pick up stock as and when required.

#6 eBay If you use eBay as a method of generating business then it is likely you won’t want a room full of goods at your home, free up space and make room for ordered eBay transactions.

#7 Seasonal storage Our storage units are all weatherproof and secure, so if you have a large wardrobe and want to store your summer wardrobe in winter or winter wardrobe in summer or perhaps put garden furniture into storage units during winter to prevent wear and tear signs then we offer an excellent option for this.

#8 Re-locating abroad If you are moving abroad permanently and require temporary storage while you slowly get items and personal belongings shipped over, self-storage can help.

#9 Trade base Whether a market trader or logistics business, our self storage unit and office spaces offer excellent opportunities to function as a trade base and give your business a professional and more ordered feel.

#10 Building materials Are you a builder, construction company or craftsman? If you don’t want to risk getting your tools or materials stolen from vans or your work yard then self-storage offers a less obvious and safe option.

Contact Storage City today to discuss your individual storage requirements and we will find the storage unit suited to you.

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