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Your Seasonal Stock Storage Solution

For retailers every change in season will bring the challenge of stock storage, especially for the smaller retailer such as market traders and car booters, who unlike the larger retailer who may have a large warehouse with sufficient space.

Smaller retailers must consider what the impact will be of increasing the stock that they hold.

If it’s not the first time that you have had to increase your stock then you can take figures from previous years to get a good idea of the amount of addition stock orders you may have, but as a start up company there is no amount of research you can do to get a fully accurate figure. Once you have realised you need more stock you will then have to think about where you can store it.

Now you might be able to convince family or friends to aid you by using their spare rooms or garages, but the odds are that they will be using them to store their own stuff, especially around the Christmas period. As well as that you would need to take into consideration the conditions of these spaces and what the impact or damage could be to your stock. Garages aren’t the best at keeping damp away and if you’re cramming your stock into a tight space having good access will be an issue and could end up damaging goods.

This is why lots of smaller businesses are heading towards self storage facilities as their solution. These facilities guarantee clean dry and watertight conditions and come with flexible renting to give you more control.

Yes, there are still rental fees to pay, but they will be nothing in comparison to the fees for renting a commercial premise and there isn’t any heating, lighting or water cost to deal with. Come and go as you like and retrieve and restock as and when you need to, then after the need for more storage is gone simply downsize to a smaller unit or cancel your storage completely.

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