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Protecting your Property

At Storage city we provide a safe haven for your belongings by maintaining a 24 hour CCTV security system as well as gated access to our units. We provide a hassle free and secure storage system for you. But for those who want to provide the same security at home, there are various methods to deter vandals from attempting to gain access.


Keeping your property in the dark will make it more susceptible to trespassers as they are less likely to be spotted and identifiable to any witnesses. It also gives the impression that the property is currently vacant and so no confrontation will acquire. Make sure your place is well lit and if you are away for long periods of time that a socket timer is attached to lighting fixtures.

Tidy-up outside

If your property has a freshly mown lawn and well kept trees it will suggest that the owner will be around or that it is frequently visited or serviced by a gardener. A dishevelled building will entice law-breakers to enter.


It may seem like an obvious choice to keep someone out but most fences are poorly maintained and are easily climbed over. Fences need to be reinforced and checked for broken panels. Placing plants and trees next to a fence my act as a supporting barrier and making climbing a risk many will not be willing to take. Trellising and anti-climb paint are another way to reinforce an already stable fence.


Creating the impression that any invader could be being watched is the most effective way to discourage any action on their part. False CCTV cameras are a cheap alternative to the real thing and give the feeling of being watched to increase security.

Of course, there is the option of installing real cameras but be careful to disguise wiring as this will indicate your systems weak spot and maybe targeted by criminals.

For a hassle-free and secure storage option contact Storage City today to discuss your individual storage requirements and we will find the storage unit suited to you.

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