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Weird and wonderful things found in self-storage units

You’ll be happy to know that here at Storage City we go through what can and what can’t be stored in our units with all of our customers. So you can be confident your belongings are storage next to their neighbours! However this isn’t always the case and we’ve heard some pretty unbelievable stories over the years about the kinds of bizarre things that have been discovered in self storage units.

As boring as you may think self-storage is, it’s not just tables, books and grandma’s old china that have been found in units over the years. We’ve done a little bit of research to see what people have found, and we think you’ll be quite surprised!

A live hand grenade

In the USA, storing guns and ammunition in self storage units is not that uncommon, but one man from Michigan got a little bit more than he’s expected when he found a live hand grenade in a self-storage unit! Unsurprisingly terrified by this discovery, the man called the police, and the grenade was detonated safely!

A comic book belonging to Nicholas Cage?

In 2000, Nicholas Cage filed a police report after an extremely rare comic book was stolen from his home. Over a decade later, the comic book which was worth more than one million dollars, turned up in an abandoned storage unit! The man who bought the storage unit at auction consulted a comic book dealer, who was buy chance the same person to have originally sold Nicholas Cage the comic book in the first place! He recognised it straight away, and Nicholas Cage has apparently been reunited with the comic book!


In 2011, a man from San Jose struck gold – literally – when he bought a storage unit in a blind auction and found $500,000 worth of gold and silver inside! Jackpot!


Probably the most bizarre of the lot... In 2012, a Florida self-storage company had a customer very far behind on payments. The owner of the company opened up the unit to auction off its contents, much to the disapproval of the customer, who relieved that her grandmother’s remains were store inside! To the shock of the company owner, upon opening the unit he discovered, neatly popped in a blue casket, the remains of the customer’s grandmother! Having been placed in the storage unit for 17 years after her death, while the unit was being auctioned due to unpaid rent, it was obvious that the contents could not possibly be sold!

Even though these are all pretty bizarre, it does display that all sorts of things can be stored in self storage units! We provide units that can suit any storage requirements – although we tend to draw the line at deceased relatives! Whether it’s for commercial or domestic use, you can guarantee that we have the perfect storage solution to meet your needs, so call us today to get more information about our units!

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