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Use your garage as a place to store your car.

It may seem obvious that garages are for cars but how many of us have space to fit our cars in there?

Nearly a fifth of all households use their garages to store items other than their cars . Many people choose to store decorating items, DIY, gardening equipment and other rarely used items in their garage.

Let’s face it, it’s easier to get to then our lofts which can be dangerous to manoeuvre through or already full with other things we’ve forgotten about over the years.

Some of the stuff we store in our garages we consider to be valuable but looking at the situation logically we see that one of our most expensive purchases, the car, is left out either parked in the drive or on the street. Although we can attempt to justify this decision by living in a ‘good area’ anyone can be vulnerable to car damage or theft unless it’s safe in the garage.

If your garage is completely cluttered, January is good time to start sorting through it all. It doesn’t have to be at a loss either as you’ll be surprised at the things you find that have a good resell value.

Most modern garages are large enough to accommodate a strong shelving unit that can be placed at the end and fit your car in if it’s a small model.

It can be a challenge to declutter a garage especially when there are worthwhile items stored in there. At Storage City we offer smaller sized units which are ‘shed’ and ‘garage’ sized so you can find a perfect place for those rarely used but valuable items.

We believe that self-storage is an extension of your loft space, cupboards, wardrobe and garage. You can store your things with us for short term or long, we tailor our services for you.

Why not consider self-storage if you’re decluttering your home, garage or other property you might have and contact us today.

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