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Tips for making you student accommodation more homely!

There’s no denying that the day you turn up to your university halls, you will be nervous as hell! After packing your life into the back of your car to rock up to the completely unknown! What if your new roomies don’t like you? What if you get totally lost? What if your room is horrible?!

All of these things can be really daunting and can take away from the fun and excitement of moving out! Our advice is to stop panicking!! We know, easier said than done, but you will be fine! You’ll more than likely find at least one friend in your hall, and in fact you’ll probably find many more than that! Remember that everyone else is in the same boat as you are – they all want to find friends too! You probably will get lost – but so will everyone! And you’ll soon find your bearings. And as far as your room is concerned... well it probably will be horrible. You may be lucky enough to bag yourself a state of the art fancy new halls building, and if that is the case bravo! You are certainly in the minority. But fear not, even if you are in a pokey, dark, and generally unpleasant room for the year, there are always ways you can improve it!

Here are our top tips for making your university halls a bit more homely...

Bedding, Blankets and Cushions

Bring plenty! We recommend bringing your favourite bedding from home, (maybe not if it’s still toy story or spice girls), because it will remind you of home! Having lots of blankets and cushions will really make your room feel cosy and comfortable, and make it much easier to relax in.

Photographs and posters

We recommend covering your walls in photographs and posters. Photo’s that remind you of home and posters of everything you love. This will help your friends and roommates get to know your tastes and interests, which is great for conversation starters and photos of friends and family will help to make you smile when you’re feeling a bit homesick. What’s more is this is probably the only time in your life that you’ll be able to do this! Post-uni, quirky wall collages unfortunately because less and less socially acceptable.

Lighting and candles

Adding some quirky lamps, cute fairy lights and some candles to your room is one of the easiest ways to make a uni room cosy and inviting! They are so readily available these days that they will really suit your student budget too! If you opt for some smelly candles you can also disguise any undesirable ‘studenty’ smells as well!

We hope that these tips will help you settle into your new uni-room a little quicker!

And remember that during any term or year breaks there is absolutely no need to haul all of your belonging half way across the country and back. Instead, you can store is in a cheap, safe and secure self-storage unit – saving you a lot of time and effort! For more information call us on - 01623 441440

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