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Things you shouldn’t throw away!!

We all hate having clear outs. Deciding to throw things away that sometimes really mean something to us can be really difficult!

There are so many things that get tossed when you have a big clear out, or when you move home that we think you’ll really live to regret, so here are a few things we think you should NEVER throw away...


Clothes ALWAYS come back into fashion. This is actually a fact. Think of all the times your mum has said ‘ooo I used to have a top just like that’, or the times you’ve said it to your own children. Vintage clothes are not only fashionable in themselves, but can also be worth quite a lot of money! Never throw your clothes away just because they were last season – they’ll come back around in a few years and you’ll be kicking yourself!


It’s such a shame to throw away any of these items – and it makes no sense. These nostalgic items are sure to make you smile and bring back memories of the past – so why throw them away. What more, these things could even earn you a few bob one day!

School things!

Old dairies, notebooks, work folders, reports, your signed leavers shirt, your year book – all of these things are so important to keep! It may seem silly to keep them but imagine showing you children and grandchildren them when they’re grown up! These things are really special and once thrown out can never be retrieved! They may take up space, but it’s well worth it for the memories they hold!

Want to know a better option than throwing these things away? You guessed it – self storage! Our secure, handy and economical self storage units are the perfect solution for allowing you to keep all of you memorabilia without cluttering your home. Call us today to see how much it will cost you to hold on to these precious things... 01623 441440.

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