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The benefits of using self storage facilities

Self storage facilities aren’t just about storing things as the name suggests, well they are but there’s more to them then just that. It’s more about what you can store and how storing them can aid you, be it more space or opening up opportunities for your home or business to thrive.

Below I will be writing about some of the reasons self storage facilities can be beneficial and why they might be ideal for you.

Space to breath when moving

If you have ever moved home before you will know that once you unload all of your boxes they end up taking up most of the space in your new place and funnily enough leave you with very little space to actually unload them easily.

Why not put them in to a storage facility where you can organize them by importance, take them home and unpack them with space to do so, making your move and life a little less stressful.

A place for a vehicle or its parts

Whether you having work done on your garage or driveway, you’ve recently bought a classic car you want to keep safe and clean, need somewhere to use as a private workshop, have a collection of motorcycles or even if have got your kid a new car as a gift and need somewhere to hide it until their special day. A self storage unit is ideal for all of these situation and many more where needing to keep a vehicle safe, dry and secure is involved.

Valuable or Seasonal objects

If you have valuable items in your possession that you would rather not just stick in the loft and risk them being forgotten or damaged, then put them in storage and put your mind at rest.

Note: It is not advised to keep any money or jewellery in a storage unit.

The same goes for seasonal decorations, more the putting in storage part. Some people have a lot and some not so much but one the less both have the same problem; fishing out all those hard to find decorations every Halloween, Christmas etc, make it easier on yourself and stick them in storage where you’ll always know where they are and how to get them.

Have a good think about your possessions and if they would be better suited in a storage unit, you never know. If you require any more information on Storage facilities and units please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01623 441440 or email us at

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