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Some signs you may need more storage

There are so many reasons that people use self storage facilities. Whether it’s to store items from your home before you move house or to storage a classic car, storage facilities are used by a number of people up and down the country - and you may need to use a self storage facility yourself, you might just not know it yet! Here are some clues that you may be in need of extra storage space..

It takes you forever to find your things?

If part of your morning routine involves clothes flying everywhere as you search for that dress or those trousers, your wardrobe is probably a bit too crowded! The same goes for your kitchen cupboards, airing cupboards and that chest of drawers. If the places you currently store all of your belongings is constantly a mess that it takes you 15 minutes to open and shut it, it’s probably not working. Your home may look as neat and tidy as Westminster Palace, but if the under the stairs’ cupboard floor hasn’t been seen in over a decade, you’re probably out of space.

You can no longer park in your garage?

A lot of people don’t just use their garage to park in. If you have a garage, there’s a good chance that you probably use it for extra storage. You may store sporting equipment, tools, and other items that you may not use inside your home in your garage, which is fine. The problem arises when you don’t know when to stop! It can quickly become a dumping ground, and so if you avoid your garage like the plague because of the plethora of things you’ve shoved in there over the years, it’s definitely a sign that you need more storage space – especially if you’re out of room and are having to park out on the driveway or even on the street!

Change in circumstances?

Have you had a new arrival recently? Or have you had to downsize your home? Perhaps you’ve inherited some items you don’t want to sell but currently can’t store? People’s circumstances change all the time, and you may not realise it yet, but this could mean you need to use a storage facility.

It can make your life a lot easier to use self storage. If your home simply isn’t big enough for all of your belongings, or you just want to start parking your car in your garage again, call Storage City. Our secure, clean and easily accessible storage units are affordable and convenient. Call us on 01623 441440 or drop us an email on

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