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Packing is everything when it comes to self storage...

Packing your items the right way in preparation for putting them in to self storage is essential. If done correctly it can make all the difference in being able to access them easily once in storage because let’s be honest you don’t want to come back for something trivial and end up taking all of your stuff out of storage just to find it. It would also be devastating returning to your unit to find that your prize possessions have been damaged because of an oversight that could have easily been avoided.

Below I have detailed some of the more crucial tips for when it comes to packing your belongings:

It’s recommended to make an estimate of the value of each item you are placing in storage to get an accurate figure for insurance purposes and for instances of unforeseen damage.

Make sure your using good quality boxes as the strength can start to degrade over time.

Label all boxes so you know there contents, it’s also advisable to label both sides.

To avoid moisture build up which can cause water damage, mildew and mould do not store any items that are wet or store anything in a sealed plastic bag.

Avoid damaging book spines by packing them flat.

Planning on storing your clothes or shoes then it’s essential to purchase a wardrobe, cloths or shoe box, merely putting them in a bag can cause moisture and potentially ruin your garments.

Wrap pictures or mirrors in bubble wrap and never store them flat, always store them on their ends.

Wipe metal objects such as tools with a bit of oil to keep rust from forming and spray wood with furniture polish to add protection.Remove bags from vacuums cleaners.If you plan to store your photographs in storage, prevent curling by placing them between card and taping together (they are prone to damage from temperature change so think hard before storing valued photos in storage).

Anything with a fuel tank like a petrol lawn mower or a car for example cannot be put in to storage with any fuel inside them and must be drained beforehand (Fuel CANNOT be put in a self-storage unit).

These tips should be a good start for your storage journey but if all of this seems daunting or even overwhelming, don’t worry Storage City works together with Transpakship who are members of the British Association of Removers (BAR) to offer you a packing service so you don’t have to worry and can sit back stress free while we do all the work for you.

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