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Making your home more Saleable

If you’re selling your house it’s very important you make it appeal to prospective buyers as much as you possibly can. In this rocky and unpredictable housing market, selling a house is never easy or straightforward and it can sometime feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. We work very closely with many people who have managed to make the sale, and so felt we should share what we’ve learned with you.

Here are a few hints and tips from us about how you can make your house more saleable...

Make it neutral

It doesn’t matter if you adore your pink leopard print bathroom wallpaper, the chances are not everyone (or any one) else will. We recommend painting your house in neutral tones, making it a blank canvas for prospective buyers. They need to be able to envisage their things in your house which they simply won’t be able to do it the decor is overpowering and distracting. Bold colours and wacky wallpaper can also put people off right from the outset. A lot of buyers won’t be able to see past it and will immediately dismiss your house.


Again, people will not be able to see themselves in your home if is it jam-packed with all of your belongings. Tidy away any excessive ornaments, paperwork, toys etc. It’s nice that your house looks lived in, you just need to make other people want to live in it too! You can store some of your extra belongings in one of our secure storage units while you are selling, safe in the knowledge your items will be looked after until your house is sold.

Clean, clean, and clean again

It may sound obvious, but you need to make sure that your house is literally spotless when you have people come to view it. A little dust and hoover really won’t cut the mustard. We recommend freeing up a day just to give your house a deep clean- scrub the floors, clean upholstery, and make your windows sparkle! You really need to give the sense that you home is a lovely, fresh and clean place to live.


Apparently yellow is the best house selling colour? We thought this was a bit weird too, but apparently it works! Yellow is meant to make people feel relaxed, happy and positive - all things you would want your prospective buyers to feel! Don’t go overboard though; maybe just add some fresh yellow flowers or a few yellow accessories.

We hope that these tips help you! If you are in between properties the upheaval when there is nowhere for you to store your possessions can leave you feeling a little stranded.

Our storage solutions incorporate all that is necessary for various sizes of property allowing you to store your furniture, clothing, furnishings and possessions safely and securely for whatever time period that you may require. Our self-storage service offers all customers the opportunity to store from as little as one week right up to a period that suits you, meaning that once you move into your new home, you will be able to move everything with you and furnish your new property in the style you want.

Our partner company, Transpakship, have over forty years' experience in removals, relocations, house moves and storage, and as members of the British Association of Removers you can trust them to relieve some of that stress by taking care of your personal belongings and transport them safely to your new home with absolute care, respect and attention.

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