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How to prepare a Sofa in Self-Storage facilities?

When putting your sofa into self-storage there are few things you need to do.

Give your sofa a little TLC before you store.

Clean and Prep for Short or Long-term Storage

First thing to do when preparing for the clean is to identify what material your sofa is:

Leather: Dust and clean with soap and water. Should you find existing stains already on the piece, cleanse further with a mix of water and white vinegar.

Cotton: Dust and clean with water and bleach-free detergent. Spot clean hard-to-tackle areas further with a mix of water and white vinegar.

Linen: Find a cleanser that notes specific use for linens, and be sure to consult your couch’s care tag. This will give you your best chance at treating it right.

Wool: Read the label attached to your couch for care instructions. Wool is commonly cleaned with water, solvent or a combination of the two.

Silk: Be extra careful with this material, as it’s easy to leave unintentional marks. Test possible cleaning options on small areas to be sure desired results occur. Clean with a cold water and mild detergent solution, or consider consulting a professional.

After cleaning, ensure your sofa is completely dry before covering with a secure, yet breathable, furniture cover.

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