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How to Keep Your Storage Unit Organised

Taking full advantage of your storage space doesn’t mean carelessly tossing your junk and bits and bobs aimlessly and never being able to find it again - what would be the point of that? Instead of doing this, you should create an environment that allows you to easily access and find the stuff you’ve stored. Here are some tips that can help you along with doing this.

Don’t use cardboard boxes as storage, they are flimsy and know way near as strong as clear plastic containers. It also aids the fact that you can look through them and actually locate the thing you were looking for instead of looking through a whole cardboard box to find it not there and having to start the whole thing of remember where you actually put it.

Label your containers, which leads on from the previous point of not being able to remember or find where you put something and looking through every box. Alongside labelling you should make a list of what each label contains; it will benefit you in the long run we promise you.

Overstuffing your unit isn’t a good look. Whenever possible you should create some space for corridors and walkways to easily navigate through your storage space; you’ll also be able to manoeuvre your stuff around a lot more easily.

Stacking is also a viable option. With having plastic containers they are easy to pair up and put one on top of the other. Make sure they all are the same size and if not, biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top.

At Storage City we have many units available to hire in different sizes. Give us a call on: 01623 441440 or email us at: and let us get you sorted for the winter.

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