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How can it help de-clutter the family home in the New Year?

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Self storage isn’t just about simply putting your things away for safe keeping, making the decision to rent a self storage unit can give you the motivation needed to de-clutter your home.

Most people tend to hoard and stash away certain things, whether it’s old letters, newspapers, cloths or even just those plastic shopping bags that everyone has at least a few off laying around. Having to spend an excessive amount of time looking for things is a good indication that it’s time to de-clutter and removing the things that aren’t really of use on a day to day basis will ultimately save both time and stress as well as making for a more relaxed home environment.

Here are some of the key trouble areas for many homes in the country, and some tips on how to get them de-cluttered.

First of all we have books; books take up a huge amount of space in lots of homes. Now while nobody is expecting you to just throw out your or other family member’s favourite stories, numerous books will go unread for many years at a time, taking up valuable space. Sometimes though you will have to be merciless when it comes to sorting through your items, however a self-storage unit is ideal for those of you who aren’t quite ready to get rid of those bits yet and want to hold on to the items that are special to you without them cluttering up your home any more.

Another problematic aspect of the family home is children’s toys and games. It’s highly likely that a large amount of toys you have purchased for your children in the past are no redundant and not played with anymore. You could just throw or give them away, but a lot of these items can hold sentimental value and could be passed on to future generations, so storing them away would be a much better way of handling them.

The accumulation of DVDs, CDs and Computer Games etc can also creep up on you and before you know it, you can have hundreds of them. For many these will be films you’re attached to or have grown up with, classic albums that you will always love but now have as digital media or computer games that you know will always stand the test of time. Have any of these items that you just can’t stand to see thrown away but also can’t bear to see them just collecting dust and taking up precious living space, then self storage is the solution.

The best way to begin your de-cluttering is to set a scheduled time each day to do some tidying, start small and take one room at a time. You won’t get it done overnight but setting a deadline can help, just be realistic about it otherwise you can end up getting even more stressed out by your clutter.

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