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Don’t let clutter ruin your relationship

We highly doubt that people make a conscious decision to live with clutter- it slowly creeps up on you until one day you look around and realise that it has got out of hand.

We are all very busy people, with very, busy lives. With so much to do and so little time, it’s no wonder that we end up with too much clutter in our homes and offices.

There is a cost to owning too much stuff – whether they are things we’ve bought for ourselves or things other people have given us. All of this clutter makes us feel overwhelmed and ultimately stressed out.

According to research, half of British cohabiting couples admit to regularly fighting over clutter in their home, bickering 32 times a year on average! These disputes can lead to the average couple actually throwing away numerous possessions, worth a lot of money, every year that they would actually rather keep. Things like clothes, furniture and books are most likely to face the chop – things that are all difficult to throw away.

Clutter can be dangerous to a relationship. Many people find it hard to relax or fully enjoy themselves if they live in a cluttered environment, which can put strain on a relationship. In fact, we’ve even heard of a lack of space instigating a break up in some instances!

We all hate having to throw away things that are important to us – and we shouldn’t have to! If you are struggling with space, or find that you and your partner argue over clutter and lack of space, then you should seriously consider using a self storage facility.

Our range of self storage spaces offer versatility, competitive pricing and easy access! Instead of deciding between arguing, and saying goodbye to your possessions, contact us today. There’s no need to be miserable and there’s definitely no need to throw your things away. Discuss your needs with Storage City, and start you journey to a relaxed, happy and clutter free life!

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