Making Space for the Winter Time

It’s time to prepare yourself for the winter ahead and here at Storage City we can help you do that as good as everybody else can. There’s nothing like a good clean and spruce up to make your home feel energised and fresh.

Heavy curtains, blankets, winter duvets and fluffy cushions will all add to making winter time more comfortable and definitely more enjoyable. You can do this by using Storage City and the vast amount of storage space that we have to offer to keep all your summer household items safe whilst you wait for the cold winter times to come to an end.

Another good way to keep away from clutter this winter is to not let your wardrobe turn into something from Narnia. All your summer clothing and sun bathing gear can be put into storage so that you have a space to fit in all those warm jackets and cosy dressing gowns.

Do you have garden furniture and if you have kids, maybe the odd trampoline and climbing frame or maybe a swing set? Let’s face it they will hardly ever be used this winter; put them into storage and keep them from all the wear and tear winter normally gives them and extend their life expectancy.

To make way for all the other extra winter stuff such as Christmas decorations, heaters, radiators and maybe the odd piece of skiing equipment. Maybe you should think about packing away those car rood boxes and all that holiday stuff especially now the summer holidays are over and the kids are back in school. A general assumption is to just chuck everything in the shed, when in reality you can have a storage space with us and save all that room and still actually use your shed.

At Storage City we offer a range of sizes of rooms, so whatever you need to store there are ample amounts of space for what you need.